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Stop wasting time on quick fixes and find out what’s really happening with your business. Learn more about how our services can transform your organization.

Find Out What’s Really Happening with Your Business

If you’re tired of wondering how your business got so far off track, face-palming at the end of the day because you’re hemorrhaging expenses or your growth is at a standstill (and you don’t know why), ask yourself this question:

Would you rather hire:

  1. A consultant who plugs your data into a formula and pops out a proposed solution that matches other businesses with similar issues OR
  2. A consultant and intuitive leadership coach who scrutinizes key business factors as well as the motivations and satisfaction of the people behind the business to isolate elements that are out of alignment

Maybe that’s a leading question. You guessed it, my approach is #2.

In my nearly 30 years of experience in leadership capacities with companies in the international, domestic, and small-business sectors, I’ve embraced an important fact: every business is founded, led and managed by people. People with individual goals, values, motivations, and desires.

When those less-tangible factors change or are upgraded without a coordinating change in business structure and procedures, a mismatch happens … a mismatch that can manifest as stalled growth, revenue shortfalls, employee-engagement downturns, customer dissatisfaction, or numerous other outcomes.

Three Vines Consulting gives you a balanced combination of in-depth business analysis plus shrewd leadership coaching to ensure all areas that could be contributing to your problem are uncovered and resolved…

The right way. For good.

Debbie Heiser

How My Journey Began

From teaching children reading, writing, and arithmetic … to igniting business owners’ passion and vision.

Today People Know Debbie Heiser For Her

  • 27 years of rock-solid business experience with companies from solopreneurs to Fortune 500 corporations.
  • 22 years of executive coaching and servant leadership practice
  • Thought collaboration and speaking roles at Gonzaga University Leadership Symposium and Gonzaga School of Leadership Studies

I’ve come full circle as an educator, but not in the way you might think.

After teaching in public education, I ventured into the business world, first in sales, then as a sales trainer. In those roles, I not only used my teaching ability, but also developed the skills of coaching: providing feedback to trainees to help them re-frame their approaches and believe in their ability to sell.

Over the next decades, I developed proficiency in leading and managing people and operations in nearly every aspect of a business enterprise. I rose through the ranks at corporations like Sprint and Citi to VP of Training, and then moved to a medium-sized company as CFO. Most recently, I rounded out this extensive real-world experience with a Masters of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University.

Throughout my journey, I’ve embraced the philosophy of Servant Leadership: leading with the broader purpose of helping others to develop and perform highly, not solely for one’s own personal advancement and material gain. I continue to work in a volunteer capacity for several organizations, including Gonzaga, to help develop leaders with this bigger purpose of serving others.

With all that experience bubbling within me and after requests from other business owners for my help with their business challenges, I discovered how to be of service in a new and different way.

And that’s where the magic happened.

The convergence of business expertise, teaching and coaching skills, and a deep desire to help others find their bigger purpose in life.

Three Vines Consulting & Leadership was born.

Three Vines’ mission is to help business owners solve problems, dream big, and explore what inspires and energizes them in their own lives, translating that passion into their business to get value-driven results.

Are you ready to dream big and find your bigger purpose?

Find out more about the services we provide and set up a complimentary consultation to find out how Three Vines can help you clarify your life & business vision and make it a reality sooner than you thought possible.