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When your business is faltering or you can’t pinpoint what’s standing between you and your goals … Three Vines provides the spark to ignite your mission and drive you forward.


Three Vines breathes life into established companies that are stuck or underperforming and new businesses that are struggling to become established or reach the next stage of growth.

We help solopreneurs and small- to medium-sized companies slow down to speed up—taking a broader view of their business’s operational, technical, and human components to build the infrastructure or find fixes that address the organization as a whole instead of separate parts.

Get ready to obtain a clear view of what isn’t working, uncover where you might even be sabotaging your own success, and implement an action plan that will get your business back to productivity and profitability, fast.





Three Vines Consulting & Leadership Development helps business owners and executives do more than just fix business inefficiencies—we help them realize their company’s infinite possibilities. Find out for yourself what a difference this unified approach can make in getting your business to growth and profitability more rapidly than with business improvements alone.

I’m Debbie Heiser, principal consultant at Three Vines. My experience in corporate transformation, combined with a unique style of leadership coaching, makes my approach a little different from most consultants.

At the same time that I’m exposing and addressing the business deficiencies that are sending your company off track, I’m also coaching the owners and management team to spark the bright spots and passions they once had for their business, igniting meaningful, effective, and long-lasting results.

Find out for yourself what a difference this unified approach can make in getting your business to growth and profitability more rapidly than with business improvements alone.




Three Vines’ purpose is to help people find their bigger purpose and make a conscious decision about what they want their life and business to look like. We promise to deliver impactful, sustainable solutions in these key areas of your business.

Goal Clarity
Attain precise clarity on your business and life goals and achieve them faster and with more ease than you’ve ever experienced.
Put in place a streamlined infrastructure that allows the business to expand and make more money.
Take a Big Vision view of your organization, effectively mapping procedures and responsibilities with company vision to develop a productive organizational process.
Boost employee performance by enhancing the organizational culture and inspiring employee engagement.
Uncover and solve gaps in business processes to make your company more efficient and drive superior results.
Customers & Clients
Improve customer/client experience so customers remain loyal and engaged, providing referrals for new business.
Eric Rust
Cedar Hills Church
Executive Pastor

Debbie has become a key catalyst for my growth as a person and a leader the last 2 years. Her knowledge and insights are invaluable.

Jenny Mire
Jenny Mire Fitness

Debbie Heiser is a breath of fresh air when it comes to business mentoring. She has a unique way of pushing me to expand my vision yet really dial in my passions resulting in increased revenue without working more. Her mentorship has truly helped me grow personally and professionally this past year and I would highly recommend her consulting services to any entrepreneur or corporation.

Greg Prummer
Winter Ridge Natural Foods

Debbie has helped us take our store to the next level by doing a business analysis, guiding us towards solutions and helping us do a nation-wide search for our newly hired Store Director.

Angela Cochran, CPCU, AAI, CPIW
Summit Insurance

Debbie makes things happen through her focused approach. She was very instrumental in creating a strategic plan that strengthened my business and my management style through accountability. Her intuitive nature kept communication direct and brought clarity to the plan. This plan was one tool that helped me achieve my goal to sell my business!

Emily Hudson
Write & Shine

Debbie is an inspiring, phenomenal business coach; the kind who walks her talk as an innovative business woman. From my very first session with her, I’ve felt not only a boom in my writing business, but an expanded belief that I am worthy of success. She approaches coaching from the inside out for meaningful, wisdom-filled conversations. She is helping me get out of my own way.